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Sterilization Technician Certification

Sterilization Technician Certification

Sterilization Technician CertificationA sterilization technician is a worker in the medical field who contributes in health care through preparation of medical equipments to be used by health care professionals. The responsibility of a sterilization technician, also known as a central sterilization technician, is to handle, assemble, clean, package and test a range of medical equipments and surgical instruments. It is also within their duty to have any procedures involving sterilization with heat and chemicals. Sterilization technicians are in need by many hospitals and medical facilities nowadays and this medical career is becoming increasingly popular among individuals desiring to work in a healthcare facility.

In order to be a sterilization technician, one must first be qualified by possessing a sterilization technician certification. A sterilization technician certification can be acquired after completing the application process, which involves completion of requirements, training programs, payment of fees and passing the certification exam.

The level of education essential in acquiring a sterilization technician certification includes a high school diploma or a GED and completion of training from a college, a technical school or a sterilization technician training program. The training and education given by the educational facilities include classes on anatomy and physiology, care of patients, heath safety and quality control, Sterilization Technician Certification programmedical and surgical technology, equipment management and sterilization process.

In order to obtain a sterilization technician certification, the organizational bodies of IAHCSMM or International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management and CBSPD or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution will review the requirements. The organizations’ basic requirements, aside from what has been mentioned above, include payment of fees and a sterilization technician certification exam.

A job as a sterilization technician pays quite well for any individual. A novice in the job can already receive a salary up to nine dollars per hour. Sterilization technician certification with more years of experience can make twelve to seventeen dollars per hour.

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